We Suppress Articles and Links.

Negative articles and links can damage your reputation for a seemingly endless amount of time. We get them suppressed and off the first page of the search results seeing as 90% of users never scroll past the first page of the search results. Our SEO experts know the search engines inside and out. We know what it takes to bury negative content and will do everything legally within our power to make it happen. If that means endless hours and 25 cups of coffee – we will do it.

Lietect is in no way affiliated with, part of, partnered with, or endorsed by BBB®, Complaints Board, Pissed Consumer, Ripoff Report®, or Yelp®.

We have suppressed 1,497 links and have a 96.7% success rate!

Immediate Action
Upon signing up, our team of experts will get to work the same day. Slacking off is not an option.
Real-time Monitoring
After suppression, our software scans your page 24/7/365. If an item resurfaces, we are notified.
Proven Methods
Our SEO team ensures that the article or link is suppressed quickly and permanently.
Unlimited Re-suppressions
If the article or link resurfaces (or shows signs of resurfacing), we will suppress it again for free.
We protect your privacy at all costs. No one will know you are working with us (unless you tell them).
Guaranteed or It's Free
We guarantee suppression of the article/link within 90 days or it’s 100% free – seriously.
I want it deleted - is that possible?
It is impossible to have a link deleted without a court order. Anyone that tells you otherwise is attempting to scam you. The best/cheapest/only option is suppression.
How far will it be buried?
On average, we get it to the 3rd or 4th page of the search results in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Because our service is guaranteed, we aim to get it buried as far as possible.
What does "suppress" mean?
“Forcibly put an end to, prevent the development, or restrain.” In other words, we make it go away (bury/push it down).
What keywords will it be suppressed for?
We aim to suppress the article or link for a wide range of keywords. We will first target keywords that are specific to the article (such as your name/business name).
What is the guarantee?
If we are unable to bury the article/link by getting it off the first page of the search results within 90 days from full payment, it’s 100% free.
It will just resurface, won't it?
If you hire someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing, yes. If you hire Lietect, no. We bury it once and for all.

↓ How It Works ↓


Sign Up

Select the number of links you are needing to be suppressed and then complete our signup process. Once your order is submitted, our team of experts will review your case to see if we have any questions or need any additional information from you. If not, then we get to work immediately. The starting SEO report will be uploaded to your account so you can see where exactly the article/link is currently ranking based on multiple IP addresses. You will be able to track the progress in the “My Account” section of our website.


Secret SEO Stuff

This is where the magic happens! Our SEO team will dive in and get to work. Lietect started as an SEO company where we would rank businesses on the first page of the search results. During our team’s experience doing this, we developed a comprehensive plan to do this in reverse – also known as “suppress”. The tactics we use are permanent and is not simply content creation. With over 90 years combined experience, you can rest easy knowing the Lietect SEO team has your back.



It’s time to celebrate! Even though we would greatly appreciate you publicly sharing your experience with Lietect – we highly advise against it. If you post that you hired us to suppress a link, it would be counter-productive and you could potentially become a target for fake articles. If you would like to tell other trusted business owners about how awesome we are, we would suggest you do it in a private setting (direct messages or in person).


Ongoing Monitoring

Once the article or link is successfully suppressed, we then set up ongoing monitoring. Our software scans the search engines 24/7/365 to ensure none of the links resurface (or show signs of resurfacing). If it does, we swiftly suppress it again – free of charge. This also covers if the article or link changes it’s URL (example: the link changes from “lietect.com/link” to “lietect/link-1“). Additionally, this service is included free for 3 years from the day of suppression.

Guaranteed Suppression or It's Free!
$1,999per linkSelect the link type below:

Detailed Updates

Upgrade to receive more frequent and detailed updates on all of your orders.

With this premium support upgrade, you can expect to see detailed order updates posted every 1-5 days (vs 1-3 weeks) for our delete reviews service and every 4-7 days (vs 2-5 weeks) for our suppress links or remove listings service.

Pricing: $500
(expires 30 days after upgrade)

Chat Support

Upgrade to unlock live chat support.

With this premium support upgrade, you can start a live chat with one of our customer service agents who can help answer most questions.

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