We Delete Fake Trustpilot Reviews.

False and misleading Trustpilot reviews negatively affect sales considering 84% of users trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Potential customers do not know the bad reviews are fake, so most end up believing them and choosing one of your competitors. Trustpilot’s review moderators can be (and usually are) a pain to deal with. We do everything legally within our power to get the false reviews deleted. If that means hours of research, 15 cups of coffee, 200 emails, and 8 phone calls – we will do it.

Lietect is in no way affiliated with, part of, partnered with, or endorsed by Trustpilot®. Said trademarks are only used to reference, identify, and describe this service. All trademarks are the sole property of their respective and rightful trademark holders or owners.

We have deleted 7,132+ reviews and have a 93% success rate!
Immediate Action
Upon signing up, our team of experts will get to work the same day. Slacking off is not an option.
Real-time Monitoring
After deletion, our software scans your Trustpilot page 24/7/365. If a review is re-posted, we are notified.
Deleted - NOT Suppressed
We get the review completely deleted. We do NOT simply bury the bad review with good reviews.
Unlimited Re-deletions
If someone reposts the same review (even 1,000 times) we will delete it again – free of charge.
We protect your privacy at all costs. No one will know you are working with us (unless you tell them).
Guaranteed or It's Free
We guarantee deletion of the fake and/or misleading Trustpilot review within 90 days or it’s 100% free.
What is the guarantee?
If we are unable to have the fake and/or misleading Trustpilot review(s) deleted within 90 days from the time of full payment, it’s 100% free – seriously.
Do you contact the reviewer?
No, we do not contact the reviewer for any reason. The reviewer has already said what they need to say (by leaving a review) so there is no reason for them to be contacted.
When will it be deleted?
On average, we are able to have a Trustpilot review deleted in just 2-4 weeks. Some reviews take longer than others, which is why we give ourselves a full 90 days. Learn More
What payment methods do you accept?
We securely accept payment via Apple Cash (10% discount), Bank Transfer, Debit, and Credit. Payment is due within 5 days from the time you placed your order.
Is deleting Trustpilot reviews safe/legal?
Yes – hiring Litect to work to delete bad reviews from your Trustpilot page is 100% safe and legal. We are representing you until Trustpilot agrees to delete the reviews.
What if I've already flagged it?
Even if you have reported the fake review and Trustpilot said it would not be deleted because it did not violate any rules or content guidelines – we can still work to have it deleted.
Is there a quicker option?
Yes, we do offer an “express” service for $400/ea which guarantees deletion within just 30 days from the time of full payment. *Max 8 express deletions per order.
Do I need approval before signing up?
No, you can submit your order without approval. If we have any questions/need more info, we will reach out to you. If not, then we get to work immediately.

↓ How It Works ↓


Sign Up

Select the number of Trustpilot reviews you are needing to be deleted and then complete our easy signup process. Once your order is submitted, our team of experts will review your case to see if we have any questions or need any additional information from you. If not, then we get to work immediately. You are able to track the progress in the “My Account” section of our website (see example).


Research & Negotiation

Our research team will dive in to find any info that will be beneficial to our case. We then build the case outlining why your review should be deleted in accordance with Trustpilot’s own specific content guidelines. Although we cannot share specifics about our trade secrets – we can say that we know how to correctly present the facts to the Trustpilot moderators. *we are NOT partnered with Trustpilot®



It’s time to celebrate! Even though we would greatly appreciate you publicly sharing your experience with Lietect – we highly advise against it. If you post that you hired us to handle a fake or misleading Trustpilot review – you could potentially become a target for fake reviews. If you would like to tell other business owners about how awesome we are, we would suggest you do it in a private setting (direct messages or in person).


Ongoing Monitoring

Once the review or reviews are successfully deleted, we then set up ongoing monitoring. Our software scans your Trustpilot page 24/7/365 to ensure none of the deleted reviews are reposted. If a review is re-posted, we swiftly delete it again – free of charge. This covers the same reviewer reposting it or a new account being created and reposts the review. Additionally, this service is included free for 6 months from the day of deletion.

↑ All prices above reflect actual pricing. There are no additional or hidden fees*. ↑
If the reviewer reposts the same review after we get it deleted, we will delete it again for free.
*Orders not paid within 5 days will incur a late fee as outlined in our contract.

Detailed Updates

Upgrade to receive more frequent and detailed updates on all of your orders.

With this premium support upgrade, you can expect to see detailed order updates posted every 1-5 days (vs 1-3 weeks) for our delete reviews service and every 4-7 days (vs 2-5 weeks) for our suppress links or remove listings service.

Pricing: $500
(expires 30 days after upgrade)

Chat Support

Upgrade to unlock live chat support.

With this premium support upgrade, you can start a live chat with one of our customer service agents who can help answer most questions.

Pricing: $200
(expires 30 days after upgrade)

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